Conservatives Will not support the 2024 Budget!

As promised the Conservative Party will NOT support the budget because our criteria were not met. We asked for three things; axe the tax on farmers and food, build homes not bureaucracy and cap spending. The Liberals did the exact opposite of these three things. They did not axe the tax, they ... Full Article

John Allen Fraser

John Allen Fraser, the first speaker of the house to be elected by ballot passed away on April 9th. Mr. Fraser served the constituents of Vancouver South from the years 1972-1993 as a part of The Progressive Conservative Party. He served as speaker from 1986-1993, under the Mulroney government. ... Full Article

Question Period April 11th, 2024

Today I rose in the House of Commons to talk about the financial hardships that Canadians are facing. The Liberals need to pass Bill C-234 in its ORIGINAL form to help with the cost of living. C-234 will make food cheaper by removing farmers from the Carbon Tax. If it’s cheaper for them ... Full Article

Parliament Passes Conservative Motion!

Yesterday the NDP and the Bloc voted with the Conservatives in a motion to make Justin Trudeau meet with the premiers of this country. Trudeau has 5 weeks from receiving the letter from Pierre Poilievre to meet with the premiers to discuss the Carbon Tax. The only question that needs to be ... Full Article


Kevin Waugh, MP will be holding a passport clinic on May 24th, 2023 Circle Drive Alliance Church – 3035 Preston Avenue South. Entrance B, Fireside Lounge. 10:00 am – 4:00 pm HOW CLINICS CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR APPLICATION? Staff and volunteers will help you to prepare your application ... Full Article

Bring Back Common Sense – Protect Our Jobs

Saguenay, QC – The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Official Opposition, stands with forestry workers in opposing the Trudeau government’s imposition of a Ministerial Order to block the logging of several thousand square kilometres of Quebec’s ... Full Article