Conservatives Will not support the 2024 Budget!

As promised the Conservative Party will NOT support the budget because our criteria were not met. We asked for three things; axe the tax on farmers and food, build homes not bureaucracy and cap spending. The Liberals did the exact opposite of these three things. They did not axe the tax, they are not building homes and they introduced almost $40 BILLION in new inflationary spending! In fact, Canadians will be spending $54.1 billion in servicing costs alone. This is more than the amount of money that they are sending in healthcare to the provinces.

This is the 9th budget in a row where the Liberals have projected a deficit. After 8 years of Trudeau life has never been more miserable. The good news is that life wasn’t like this before Trudeau took office and it will not be like this when he is gone! Let’s vote in a common-sense Conservative government that will work for the people. Let’s bring it home, everybody!