Conservative Statement on CRB Extension

February 19, 2021

Ottawa, ON – Raquel Dancho, Conservative Shadow Minister for Future Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, and Luc Berthold, Conservative Shadow Minister for Treasury Board, issued the following statement regarding the eligibility extension of the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB):
“Conservatives support getting help to those who have been hit hard by Justin Trudeau’s failure to create jobs.


“Canada lost 213,000 jobs in January. That’s 213,000 more families wondering how they will make ends meet or when they can get back to work.


“The Liberals need to present a budget, their first in two years, that will get Canadians back to work and bring our economy back to life. That means jobs and growth in every sector in every part of the country, not just those that meet some Liberal test.


“Conservatives will continue to work for those who have been left behind by Justin Trudeau and focus on securing jobs and getting Canadians back to work.”