Corruption in Ottawa needs to end

June 11, 2021

Ottawa, ON – Michael Barrett, Conservative Shadow Minister for Ethics, and Jacques Gourde, MP for Lévis—Lotbinière, issued the following statement on the spouse of Justin Trudeau’s top staffer being cleared by the federal lobbying commissioner:

“Canadians should be shocked by the fact that in this country, the spouse of Justin Trudeau’s top staffer can secretly lobby senior government officials on behalf of his company without penalty.

“Over the past number of months, not a single Trudeau Liberal has spoken up and said this is wrong – that insiders and elites should not get special access, that Canadians deserve better from their government.

“Instead, the Liberals are so comfortable with this unethical behaviour that rewarding their friends and family is just standard operating procedure.

“This is the type of insider access and backroom dealing that is not supposed to take place in a democracy like Canada.

“Unfortunately, Canadians can expect more scandals, more corruption, and more cover-ups from Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. There is only one choice to end their corruption and secure accountability in Ottawa – Canada’s Conservatives.”