Conservatives urge Liberals to start thorough debate on Senate amendments to Bill C-7

Note: This Press Release was initially released on February 17, 2021. It is being reposted today due to the upcoming vote.

OTTAWA, ON – The Hon. Rob Moore, Conservative Shadow Minister for Justice and the Attorney General of Canada, and Gérard Deltell, Conservative House Leader, issued the following statement calling on the government to start debate on Bill C-7, the government’s medical assistance in dying (MAID) legislation now that it has been amended in the Senate:

“When a life-or-death bill comes before Parliament, it is essential that legislators have the time to fully review and analyze it. The Liberals have not allowed that to happen with Bill C-7 and its expansion of MAID.

“With C-7 now amended by the Senate, the Liberal government should start debate as soon as possible so Members of Parliament can fully scrutinize these changes. We have no faith the Liberals will take the time needed to review this bill, therefore Conservatives are ready to extend sitting hours in the evenings and on the weekend, to ensure Members have the opportunity to speak to the impacts of these proposed changes.

“Conservatives believe that MAID requires a thoughtful and careful legal framework. For months, we called on the Liberal government to undertake the legislative review of this framework that was supposed to take place last year under the original MAID legislation.

“We have heard from persons with disabilities and medical professionals who have made clear they believe the expansion of MAID in Bill C-7 is dangerous and requires more scrutiny. The Liberals have ignored those pleas.

“Senate amendments to Bill C-7 expanded MAID beyond what was debated by Members of the House of Commons. The Liberals must ensure Bill C-7 receives thorough legislative review and comprehensive debate in the House of Commons so that Members can scrutinize the impacts of these amendments on Canadians.”