Conservatives introduce bill to take action on gender-based violence against women

June 14, 2021

Ottawa, ON – Today, Jag Sahota, Conservative Shadow Minister for Women and Gender Equality, tabled a private member’s bill, Bill C-310, An Act to Amend the Privacy Act (Prevention of Violence Against Women). This legislation will allow the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to be able to comply with provincial legislation, allowing an individual to request if their intimate partner has a history of domestic violence so that the individual can take steps to ensure their own safety.

“My Conservative colleagues and I have continuously called on this government to take serious action on gender-based violence against women by putting forward solutions that address the increase in violence during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Sahota. “Women need help now, and this amendment to the Privacy Act would give women the opportunity to seek out information that improves their safety in a place that they have a right to feel secure in—at home.”

Gender-based violence is an epidemic that disproportionately affects women across Canada. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has only worsened. In 2019, between the months of April and September, the Canada’s Assaulted Women’s Helpline received over 24,000 calls. In 2020, they received over 50,000 calls within the same time period.

Originally established in the United Kingdom, Clare’s Law was implemented in response to the tragic killing of a woman who was brutally murdered by her partner. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the perpetrator had a violent history of domestic violence. By having access to knowledge that their partner has a history of domestic violence, Canadian women can avoid these potentially violent relationships before it’s too late.

“This legislation is an important step in helping protect vulnerable women in Canada,” said Sahota. “I hope to see all Members of Parliament support of this important and common-sense bill.”