Conservatives condemn Liberal cover-up of sexual misconduct at Defence Committee

April 19, 2021

Ottawa, ON – James Bezan, Conservative Shadow Minister for National Defence, and Pierre Paul-Hus, Conservative Shadow Minister for Public Services and Procurement, today released the following statement regarding the Liberals engaging in a coordinated cover-up to prevent Liberal staffers from testifying:

“The Liberals continue to demonstrate just how far they will go to cover-up the lack of action by Minister Sajjan and Prime Minister Trudeau in investigating the allegations against General Vance three years ago.

“It is clear that Elder Marques, former senior advisor to Prime Minister Trudeau, and Zita Astravas, former Chief of Staff to the Minister of Defence, are key players in the Liberal cover-up. Despite the fact Marques had agreed to testify at the committee, Liberal Members, blocked motions to call Marques and Astravas before shutting down the committee.

“Why won’t the Liberals allow Marques and Astravas to testify and tell the committee what they know. The only reason to continue blocking their appearance is to continue the cover-up. What are the Liberals trying to hide?

“It is despicable that Liberal committee members, including a veteran, are more concerned with protecting their Prime Minister and Defence Minister than the women and men in uniform subject to sexual misconduct.

“In order for the committee to make the best recommendations to make the Canadian Armed Forces safe for women and men to serve equally, we must hear from key witnesses involved in the cover-up of the allegations against the former Chiefs of Defence Staff. Our brave women and men who serve Canada deserve nothing less.”