Conservative statement on Status of Women Committee’s sexual misconduct in CAF report 

June 17, 2021

Ottawa, ON – Today, the Conservative Members on the Standing Committee on the Status of Women released a statement regarding the committee’s report on eliminating sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces:

“Over the past several months, the committee heard from members of the Canadian Armed Forces and survivors of sexual misconduct and assault. This testimony made it clear that the Canadian Armed Forces has been plagued by issues of sexual misconduct and impropriety, leaving many survivors struggling in the wake of this issue.

“Despite several formal reports on the situation over the years, including the 2015 Deschamps Report, there has been a serious lack of action taken by Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan. This is a clear failure of the Liberal government.

“The report released by the committee details the experiences of the survivors, contrasted with the testimony provided by senior military officials. While the Conservative members of the committee agree with the reports’ content and recommendations, it’s become abundantly clear that there has been a lack of leadership by Minister Sajjan on the issue of sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces.

“The service members of the Canadian Armed Forces can’t afford more of the same. There is only one choice to end the corruption in Ottawa, and that is Canada’s Conservatives.”

The report can be viewed here.