March 28, 2018

Kevin Waugh (Saskatoon—Grasswood)
2018-03-28 14:08 [p.18226]

Mr. Speaker, it gives me great pleasure to recognize CTV Saskatoon’s 2017 citizen of the year, Mr. Hugo Alvarado.
Hugo is an artist extraordinaire. He arrived in Saskatoon more than four decades ago from Chile with little more than a pair of shorts and five dollars to his name. Now he is a very successful artist and also co-founder of Artists Against Hunger. Hugo and his fellow artists have contributed thousands of dollars through their charitable organization.
Hugo is a well-known teacher of art. In fact, my wife Ann was one of his students. He is a personal friend and his art hangs in our house. A reception to honour Hugo Alvarado as Saskatoon’s citizen of the year will be held tomorrow in my city.