June 18, 2017

Kevin Waugh (Saskatoon—Grasswood)
2017-09-18 14:07 [p.13157]
Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to congratulate CPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel, as it celebrates 25 years of providing Canadians with quality coverage of the proceedings of this House.
As a former broadcaster, I recognize and appreciate the importance of a fair, balanced, unbiased, and independent media outlet like CPAC. This is paramount so that Canadians can form their own opinions on the issues of the day.
It has been 25 years since a group of Canadian cable companies took over the operation of the channel and expanded it into the country’s only bilingual, commercial-free public affairs television station. On behalf of the Conservative caucus, I would like to acknowledge CPAC for a job well done and offer our wishes for continued success.