Food Bank Canada 2024 Report Card!

A jaw-dropping report from Food Banks Canada’s 2024 Poverty Report Card highlights that almost half of Canadians feel financially worse off than they were last year, and a quarter are experiencing food insecurity. Trudeau’s inflationary spending and tax hikes are driving this ... Full Article

Rest in Peace Darren Dutchyshen

Earlier this week, we lost a great SportsCentre host. Darren Dutchyshen has passed away from cancer. I had the honour of meeting him many times. Darren was proud to be from Saskatchewan and that was shown in everything he did. My condolences go out to the family. Rest-in-peace Dutchy! Full Article

Moment of Silence for Rex Murphy

In honour of Rex Murphy, a famous Canadian journalist, we had a moment of silence in The House of Commons. Mr. Murphy was born in March of 1947 and died on May 9th, 2024. He wrote for many years and was most recently writing for the National Post. He wrote his final post only a […] Full Article

President of CBC Reappears in Committee

Catherine Tait, the president of CBC, reappeared in The Canadian Heritage Committee. We got to ask some pretty tough questions after 800 employees were laid off and she said, in January, that she would recommend that the top executives get bonuses. See one of the questions that I got to ask here! Full Article

An Act to Amend the Corrections and Conditional Release Act!

Today I voted with all my Conservative colleagues in favour of amending the Corrections and Conditional Release Act. This Bill supports families of homicide victims by creating a potential consequence at sentencing. If the suspect is convicted of a crime relating to death, and refuses to ... Full Article

Conservatives Will not support the 2024 Budget!

As promised the Conservative Party will NOT support the budget because our criteria were not met. We asked for three things; axe the tax on farmers and food, build homes not bureaucracy and cap spending. The Liberals did the exact opposite of these three things. They did not axe the tax, they ... Full Article

John Allen Fraser

John Allen Fraser, the first speaker of the house to be elected by ballot passed away on April 9th. Mr. Fraser served the constituents of Vancouver South from the years 1972-1993 as a part of The Progressive Conservative Party. He served as speaker from 1986-1993, under the Mulroney government. ... Full Article

Question Period April 11th, 2024

Today I rose in the House of Commons to talk about the financial hardships that Canadians are facing. The Liberals need to pass Bill C-234 in its ORIGINAL form to help with the cost of living. C-234 will make food cheaper by removing farmers from the Carbon Tax. If it’s cheaper for them ... Full Article

Parliament Passes Conservative Motion!

Yesterday the NDP and the Bloc voted with the Conservatives in a motion to make Justin Trudeau meet with the premiers of this country. Trudeau has 5 weeks from receiving the letter from Pierre Poilievre to meet with the premiers to discuss the Carbon Tax. The only question that needs to be ... Full Article